Going on vacation with close friends

Going on vacation

The number one rule for spending holidays with friends:  go with people who look like you! It’s obvious, but it’s worth remembering.

Not even bother to try a stay with Pauline, the lover of idleness and siesta in the sun. While you hate baking like toast on a napkin and prefer daily getaways!

If you’re more of a thrifty type and your friends want to enjoy it this summer, tensions could arise. It would be a shame to  break a friendship  for so little.

Before leaving, do not hesitate to organize a long  weekend with friends . This way, you will have a small idea of ​​what the holidays have in store for you.

Establish rules with friends

 Once there, no need to hide your face. On the one hand, there are people of good will and the… others. So might as well set some rules with your friends . Otherwise, it’s the inevitable clash after a few days.

A simple schedule will do. Shopping, cleaning, cooking… Everyone does a little. If you are a breakfast ace, offer to prepare it throughout your stay. On the other hand, you will avoid the dishwashing chore.

Split the group for certain activities

Also be sure to respect everyone’s pace: you are not going to a camp, no strict rules should be imposed for visits.

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Three of you have a preference for a natural site, while the other two want a beach and rest? It’s not a problem, you can peel off from time to time.

Quickly settle the question of money

 On the wallet side, it is also better to set the rules from the start. To simplify, you can create a common fund for collective expenses. Don’t forget to list them! On the contrary, if you prefer that everyone pays their share, say so.

Learn to stay calm on vacation with friends

Communicate with friends

Going on vacation with your friends does not mean staying with them 24 hours a day. You have the right to enjoy your darling in peace.

It is a must to be able to tell your friends everything, even on vacation! Don’t be afraid to offend them. They too may be delighted to spend some time alone…

In the evening, you find yourself with pleasure to eat together. An ideal moment to share the adventures of the day.

Avoid annoying topics

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