Top Outdoor Activities for a Family Weekend Getaway

Family Weekend Getaway

Are you looking for a fun weekend escape for the whole family? A getaway focused on outdoor activities is a great way to unplug from screens and gadgets while making amazing memories together. From hiking to water sports, there’s an endless array of adventurous options.


One of the best ways to enjoy quality family time is a scenic hike together. Hiking allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature while getting exercise and fresh air. The kids will have a blast exploring along the trail.

Many parks offer maps that highlight family-friendly hiking routes, usually rated by distance and difficulty level. Pack plenty of snacks and water to keep everyone fueled up. A backpack for younger kids is a fun way for them to carry their own stuff.


Another great option is to rent bikes and hit some local trails or paths made for cycling. Bike rental shops have kids bikes and trailers for younger family members. Make a day of it by packing a picnic lunch to enjoy at a scenic spot along your ride.

Water Fun

Of course, a family getaway near a lake, river, or ocean opens all kinds of cool aquatic activities too. Swimming, building sandcastles, skipping rocks, and searching for seashells provide hours of entertainment.

For a little more adventure, see if there are options for something like kayak rental in the area. The people at Canyon Sports say that kayaking is a wonderful way for families to explore waterways in a fun yet low-key manner. Kids often love zipping along in their own little kayak.

Water parks are extremely popular too, with thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools to splash around in together. Don’t forget water shoes, sunscreen, beach towels and lots of dry clothes to change into for the inevitable soakings.a


To really unplug and immerse yourselves in nature, go camping for your family weekend getaway. Sleeping under the stars and gathering around a crackling campfire create classic childhood memories. You can pitch a tent or go glamping in an RV or cabin. Most campgrounds have affordable rental options if you don’t own camping equipment.

Activities like fishing, catching fireflies, and telling spooky stories are all part of the fun camping experience. Just be sure to properly store any food to avoid a visit from local wildlife.

Parks and Playgrounds

Sometimes a trip to the neighborhood park is all you need for the perfect family outdoor day. Parks provide wide open spaces for kids to run around and play games like frisbee or catch. The playgrounds usually have swings, slides, and climbing structures to burn off energy.

Pack a picnic and take advantage of covered shelters or a gazebo for a casual family meal. Many parks also have recreational trails or paved loops for walking or biking together. Public parks and gardens make a great budget-friendly weekend escape without having to travel far from home.

Educational & Cultural

Besides outdoor recreation, take time to slip in some educational or cultural activities suited to your family’s interests:

  • Visit a living history museum or pioneer village.
  • See a show at an outdoor theater.
  • Go stargazing at an observatory or planetarium.
  • Tour historic homes and sites.
  • Check out a botanical garden or zoo.

Learning can be just as fun as playing when you put it in the right setting. Let each family member pick something they would like to experience.


With so many awesome options for fun in the fresh air and sunshine, a family weekend getaway focused on outdoor activities is guaranteed to be a hit. You can create cherished memories while staying active together.

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