Air passenger rights in the event of denied boarding

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What does denied boarding mean?

In addition, there must be no valid reasons for not being able to fly. Some examples of denied boarding:

Too many passengers due to overbooking

The passenger was transferred to another flight.

are that passengers have checked in on time, that all booking documents have been available and that passengers have not posed any risk to their safety or health or that of other travelers and staff of the airline company.

Voluntary denied boarding

Voluntary denied boarding means that the airline tries to find passengers on the flight in question who are willing to transfer to a later flight or forgo the flight in exchange for certain benefits and privileges. It is important to note that in such a case, air travelers are not entitled to compensation under the European Union (EU) Regulation.

Involuntary denied boarding

If the airline does not find volunteers to give up the flight, it arbitrarily chooses passengers who will be denied boarding and who cannot take the flight. This is called involuntary denied boarding

and passengers are entitled to compensation in accordance with the European Air Passenger Rights Regulation. They may also claim assistance, rerouting or reimbursement of the ticket price.

You did nothing wrong and yet your boarding was denied?

Calculate your compensation

What are my rights in the event of denied boarding?

According to the European Air Passenger Rights Regulation, affected passengers are entitled to compensation of €250 to €600.

Immediate supply of snacks and drinks by the airline.

You can get your ticket refunded or request a replacement flight.

Regardless of the ticket price.

If a passenger is denied boarding, he must ask the airline to confirm in writing the reason for this denial. It is also advisable to collect proof, for example meals or vouchers. Travelers should also insist on catering services at the airport in the form of snacks and drinks.

When and how to obtain compensation in the event of denied boarding?

Since 2004, European legislation on air passengers regulates, through Regulation No. 261/2004, compensation in the event of overbooking or overbooking. The amount of compensation depends on the length of the journey and does not depend on the initial price of the ticket. Passengers can assert their rights up to five years after the date of the flight. Whether the flight is part of a vacation package or a business trip is irrelevant for compensation. For a flight to be covered by European legislation, it must either depart from an airport in the European Union or land in the EU, when the airline is established in the EU. According to the EU Regulation on air passenger rights, the amount of compensation is calculated according to the distance of the flight:

Short journey (up to 1500 kilometres): You are entitled to compensation of €250.

Medium distance (up to 3,500 kilometers for international flights and for all flights over 1,500 kilometers within the European Union, to overseas departments and territories for example): You are entitled to compensation of €400.

Long distance (more than 3500 kilometers for all international flights): You are entitled to compensation of €600.

When and how can I get a ticket refund for denied boarding?

If a passenger has been denied boarding due to overbooking, they can decide for themselves whether they want alternative transport or a full refund of the ticket price.  They can then bill the costs to the airline.

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