Camping the essentials for spending the night

Camping the essentials

Equipment for eating while camping

There is no restaurant or fast food on the campsite . It is therefore essential to plan what to cook and eat when you go outside. Kitchen utensils such as the gas stove, matchbox, saucepans, pocket knife, cups and reusable dishes are therefore to be expected.

Equipment for hygiene and health in the campsite

Camping hygiene is not an easy task. Without however emptying your bathroom, you will need a certain number of materials to maintain good personal hygiene. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap or shower gel, kit and toilet paper, tampons and sanitary napkins are part of this lot.

Don’t forget either the bag for your dirty clothes and the garbage bag to preserve the cleanliness around you.

You will also need a mosquito repellent spray or bracelet, Biafine, your first aid kit (disinfectants, bandages, etc.) as well as any medication if you are undergoing treatment.

Other camping equipment

Since the purpose of a wilderness getaway is to have a good time, a foldable chair or stool, a pillow, a book, games and headphones will only do you good. Going camping is also the time to create wonderful memories. So don’t forget your camera to capture your magical moments.

The camping tent

Tents have always been used by man to meet his housing needs during his travels and travels . These dwellings made up of a frame covered with fabric offer sufficient space to accommodate one or more people depending on the model.

What is a camping tent used for?

Tents have undergone great improvements over time to become a very popular piece of equipment in a number of situations. A camping tentĀ  offers an ideal shelter to accommodate you during your travels away from traditional housing infrastructures (houses, hotels, etc.).

Thus, it is used to spend nights outside the house, in campsites or during humanitarian aid missions, but also for moments of leisure during the holidays (holiday camps, scouts, etc.) . Some models are particularly suitable for more specific uses such as mountaineering and hiking.

How important is the camping tent for the camper?

The tent is a space-saving and relatively light piece of equipment that is easily transported in or on a backpack or even in the trunk of a car. It therefore accompanies the camper on all his journeys to offer him safe and comfortable accommodation.

The main role of the camping tent is to protect its occupant against bad weather such as wind, rain, sun and even against certain animals during a wilderness adventure. Without it, the camper would be subject to the various whims of nature and would not be able to spend a peaceful night.

What are the criteria for choosing your tent?

To choose the right tent when camping or hiking, it is necessary to take into account a certain number of criteria such as the comfort sought, the number of users and the use you wish to make of it.


In reality, tents differ in their characteristics (weight, internal space, height, size) and therefore have different advantages and disadvantages depending on the model. Thus, the choice of your sale will depend on the use you plan to make of it (camping, hiking or mountaineering).

The season

The quality of protection of camping tents may vary depending on the season. Indeed, a tent can be very resistant in summer, but will not be able to protect you against the cold of winter. It is therefore important to take into account the season during which you will be using your tent before buying it.

The shape, capacity and ease of installation

The wind resistance and practicality of a tent vary according to the technical characteristics (type of structure and fabrics) and its shape (dome, teepee and tunnel). Likewise, not all tents offer the same storage capacity or the same internal comfort. It is therefore advisable to take into account its various constraints when choosing your camping tent .

The colour

Far from being a simple detail, the color of your tent will depend on the desired aesthetics as well as the comfort sought. Depending on your needs, you therefore have the choice between light and dark colors, but also between a variety of shades.

The hiking mattress

You are about to go on vacation and you do not yet know which camping mattressĀ  to choose, here are our best tips to help you. In this way, you will have a very comfortable bedding so that you can enjoy your vacation in peace.

Sleeping in a tent does not offer the same comfort that you will have at home. However, there are good sleeping pads that will do the trick to ensure you sleep comfortably throughout your camping trip . It is a very easy to install solution which considerably improves comfort. But how to choose your mattress? How much space do I have to store it? Should I

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