Tips for a successful trip with friends

trip with friends

Choose the right friends

It may seem like a no-brainer, yet every year vacations with friends are ruined because of it. We rented a house for 10 people, but we are only 5 at the moment, so we widen the circle of our friends and we invite friends who are not the most intimate, “it will always be better for sharing cool” we say to ourselves. Error! If you don’t get along with people you see occasionally, you’re unlikely to get along with less close friends 24 hours a day. So choose your travel friends carefully.

Plan your trip together

For a trip with friends to go as smoothly as possible, one of the golden rules is to involve everyone in the various choices. Otherwise, we run the risk of frustrating some of the participants. The ideal is therefore to bring everyone together as soon as possible, when choosing the destination for example. This  Which country to choose? Is there a majority who want to go to Mexico? Europe? In an all-inclusive formula or rather in small hotels? What are everyone’s availabilities? So many questions to answer together.

The importance of the budget

During this initial meeting, the budget should be clearly discussed. It can be a source of conflict and frustration if things aren’t made clear. This can sometimes take on the appearance of heated discussions, especially if some want 5 stars and others less expensive accommodation. But we have to talk about it. Money is often a source of conflict.


Here again it is essential that all the friends agree not on ALL the activities, but on a majority at least, otherwise the schedule will become unmanageable. It’s all the easier to plan joint activities if you have the same interests. Moreover, if a majority of travel friends have a passion in common, it is interesting to have themed days. A day of hiking, visiting museums or surfing lessons. Provided again, that it does not leave those who do not on the sidelines too long.

Respect for the bubble

We all like to have our personal space, our bubble of intimacy, especially on vacation when we are far from home. To avoid the feeling of promiscuity, you have to know how to create a bubble, but also respect that of your other friends.

The art of compromise

It’s a golden rule when traveling in a group and even more so when traveling with friends, you have to know how to make compromises all the time. And it’s even more true when the group of friends is large. We can’t always do as a gang what we would do as a couple or alone, sometimes you have to make choices and have a certain flexibility.

Alcoholic evening: beware danger

On vacation, it happens to abuse, especially with alcohol. We let go a little more and sometimes we drink more than necessary. While some have happy alcohol, others tend to show more aggression or depression when they drink. So be careful not to spoil the trip and the friendship because of a few too many drinks.

Long live the subgroups

If you are a large group of friends (more than 8 say), a good technique to have fun is to make subgroups. In small groups, travel becomes notably easier, and groups can also be formed according to centers of interest. The shopping day may not be of interest to all participants. In this case, nothing wrong with “breaking up” the group.

Sensitive topics to avoid

If it is true that when you are with your childhood friends, you can generally discuss all possible subjects, it is not necessarily the same with all our friends, the most “recent” in our entourage. It is therefore not recommended to discuss subjects that can cause conflict such as religion or politics. That said, if the friends are open and tolerant, nothing better than a debate over a good meal among friends.

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