The different types of tent

The different types of tent

Unless you plan to sleep under the stars and don’t mind the rain, having a good quality tent guarantees you a pleasant sleep free from any annoyance.

If you can, don’t hesitate to pay the price and invest in a recognized brand . Then, the type of tent that will suit you best will depend on your use .

For a classic use within a campsite , plan big. Indeed, on the occasion of an extended stay, you will need space at the level of the apse to store your bag and all your small belongings. In this logic, if you plan to sleep for two, bring a tent planned for three, in order to be really comfortable.

The only disadvantage of owning a slightly larger tent is its weight, which is necessarily greater, but this fact will not cause you any problems since you will stay on the same pitch throughout your vacation without having to move.

As you can see, if you are going on a long-distance hike, it will be more interesting to opt for a lighter version.

Beyond these considerations about the volume, there are three main forms among which you will have to decide: the igloo , the tunnel or the teepee .

The igloo has a smaller structure and is therefore the easiest variant to assemble. This form is generally self-supporting, that is to say that it stands up on its own without having to be planted in the ground using sardines.

Tunnel and teepee tents are larger and therefore more complex to set up but at the same time much more stable . They require a suitable ground to be correctly fixed. Again, it’s up to you to see what features you really need.


Another element that you can take into account is the structure of the wall . Choose a double wall if you want increased resistance to wind and weather. With this objective of reinforced solidity, there are four-season tents that have been specially designed to withstand the impact of all types of climates. So take stock of exactly what kinds of things you plan to do with your tent before buying a particular one.


To be able to sleep warm, the second essential tool of the good camper is of course the sleeping bag. Check the minimum temperatures of use indicated in order to take with you a product corresponding to the place where you are going. This is especially true if you are going for a trek in the high mountains where the mercury can sometimes drop below zero, which will force you to have effective protection for the night.

To improve comfort, an inflatable mattress or groundsheet are real blessings to relieve an aching back, especially when the camp is on unsuitable terrain for camping.

Since you have to eat well and there is no reason not to prepare good meals even when camping, remember to bring a stove and all the utensils necessary for cooking. Blankets or folding table , you have several possible alternatives to consume your grub. The tarp is also an excellent tool to shelter you in case of heavy rains. On the other hand, in order to keep food at low temperature, the cooler is an essential that will serve you well.

On the hygiene side, do not neglect the well-stocked toiletry bag as well as the essentials of the area such as the bath towel, toilet paper, washing powder, sponge or dishwashing product.

A clothesline to hang up your washed clothes won’t be too much to speed up the drying process.

You can finally take something to occupy your mind, like the latest novel of the moment or a good crossword book. Varied games for children will save your life when your little monsters no longer know what to do with their ten fingers.

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